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Modular Flexibility

At Hi West, depending on our clients’ needs, we can manage existing accommodation and facilities, or if required,  we are able to take on the planning of new premises and manage every step from the design process through to launch and operation.

For projects that require bespoke construction, we recommend modular solutions for the efficiencies that they offer. As well as being quicker to construct than traditional building methods, with most of the construction taking place off site there is also minimal disruption at your site location. 

An eco-friendly choice, modular construction uses cutting edge technology to deliver a sustainable solution with the use of recycled materials and reduced waste. At every stage, we look to reduce the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process as well as during installation and operation of these buildings.

Constructed from the most durable materials to ensure they are built to last, modular buildings offer further efficiencies in terms of sound insulation and fire resistance capabilities. Given their airtight construction, they are also extremely energy efficient, delivering impressive savings in ongoing running costs.

One of the greatest advantages of modular construction is the flexibility available for large scale projects that need to adapt over time. Particularly relevant for large scale infrastructure projects, modular accommodation can be scaled up and down to suit demand over the life cycle of the project. Whether you require more accommodation blocks, a larger workspace or more space for heath, wellbeing or socialising, your site can grow with your project.

Modular construction is perfectly suited to creating multi-faceted spaces that deliver a mix of accommodation and social spaces as well as functional facilities such as restaurants, gyms, meeting spaces and work areas. Whatever type of building or buildings you require, our bespoke approach will help ensure you achieve the space you require to realise your business goals.

If you’re in the planning stage or a new project, do get in touch to discuss how modular construction could meet your needs.


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