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Facilities management and operational support that delivers maximum efficiency and sustainable solutions for your business.


Whether you are in the planning stages or are about to open - Hi West can assist you at each stage of the process.

Our core competencies include:

- accommodation management

- housekeeping

- maintenance 

- food and beverage services

In addition, Hi West can help direct traffic to your accommodation facility, before it is even built. 

We offer a bespoke accommodation portal complete with full reporting — allowing your guests, teams or contractors to book their stay in just a few clicks.


Our services guarantee sustainable commercial success and operating efficiencies across the lifespan of your project. 

Other advantages we’ll bring to your business include:

  • A Build & Operate package - fully-integrated design features and innovations for greater efficiencies in quality and cost across the entire life-cycle of your project.
  • Operation of Newly Constructed Sites - seamlessly stepping in to manage your project whatever stage it is at. 
  • Adapting with you, as you grow and evolve - we’re right by your side ready to offer design adjustments and implement broader operational changes.
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Hi West’s solutions are about collaboration. You can be sure that with our combined approach to building design and operating, there will be no unexpected events that cannot be resolved. Our unique offering means you have full peace of mind throughout the day-to-day opportunities and challenges that running a facility faces. When we say we will be there for the full duration, we mean it. 

Our partnerships with modular manufacturers allow us to create a full solution from the design of accommodation spaces, all the way to making a reservation and staying with us, whether it is for a fixed-term project or for an ongoing requirement. 

A combined approach means we can offer the full suite of services or a combination of each. If you solely require accommodation management, with or without catering, or maybe you just want simple housekeeping and laundry service, you have the ability to select what you require and we’ll do the rest.



Once the design stage is complete, we move to the build stage. Our structures use modular technology, giving you flexibility, quality control and speed that is unmatched relative to traditional builds. 

When it comes to the pre-opening fit-out, we will deploy our hospitality experts alongside the design process, ensuring you get the exact look and feel required. By using a fully-integrated ‘design, build and operate’ approach, from linen changes to housekeeping, all the way up to adding additional modular structures, the Hi West way is a seamless solution from day one.



Predictable outcomes allow for greater revenue forecasting, generation, and cost management, which in turn enables us to focus on what we do best: making guest, team or contractor stays memorable.

A key focus is on supporting the communities in which we operate. By equipping the local supply chain with core skills in reservations or reception, housekeeping, maintenance, or food and beverage, we create a lasting legacy. 

At Hi West, we pride ourselves on a uniquely low industry staff turnover rate with excellent staff loyalty; a testament to our people, values, and processes. 

Hi West’s senior team possesses global experience in hotel and facilities management alongside modular construction. From welcoming guests, teams, or contractors on arrival, to local procurement delivery, we implement our standards across the supply chain. 

At our Hinkley Point C campuses, we source over 80% of Tier 1 suppliers locally, with many of our team living within 2 miles of our site. We don’t just aim to engage locally; we do it.

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Tim Jones


Tim drives the business’ overall strategic development in line with Hi West’s vision to go above and beyond traditional hospitality management, putting people and positive experiences at the heart of our accommodation solutions. Having worked in operations and facilities management for over 30 years, he is also passionate about driving value and innovation, setting new standards and raising expectations. In his downtime, he is an avid cyclist.



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