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At Hi West, we pride ourselves on our positive culture and are driven by our fundamental beliefs and principles that promote a people-first approach. In everything we do, our people; be that our direct employees, our wider team or our guests; are always the driving force behind our mission to be the very best.

Here are just a few of our people-focussed initiatives that benefit our clients as much as our employees.

Local recruitment
At our Hinkley Point C campuses, we source over 80% of Tier 1 suppliers locally, with many of our team living within 2 miles of the site. This policy provides enormous benefits to the local economy as our employees eat, shop and live in the locality.

Having a local workforce also provides tangible benefits for the environment with fewer commuters on the road and our team being able to benefit from car sharing, cycling or even walking to work. We don’t just aim to engage locally; we do it. 

Mental health programmes
As employers, we understand that it is crucial to raise awareness and understanding of mental health issues that are prevalent in the workplace and to provide the necessary support for our teams. 

We have committed to a number of initiatives including a Buddy Scheme, Wellbeing Areas, Chaplain visits and signposting to specific support groups. Team activities, worry trees and happy jars are just some of the initiatives currently employed by our teams. 

Career development
We are always looking to promote from within by continually developing our team’s skills and experience. A lack of opportunities for advancement is one of the top reasons why people leave their jobs, so at Hi West we are always looking to support our staff with opportunities to further upskill and develop their careers. We recognise that everyone needs to feel motivated to do their best and to be given opportunities to continually learn and grow in their jobs. At Hi West, supporting our teams to develop their careers is a top priority.

Crisis management
As experts in facilities and hospitality management, our teams are highly skilled and trained to manage the most challenging of situations when required. Structured processes and extensive training mean our teams have the knowledge and support to manage situations effectively, even in difficult circumstances. Caring for people, showing empathy and understanding is at the core of our company values.

Exceptional staff retention
As a result of the initiatives shared here, we have created an effective working environment that invests in and energises our teams, so much so that our annual staff turnover is less than 8%, an unprecedentedly low figure in our industry. 

If you’d like to discuss how Hi West can help your team and business thrive, do get in touch to find out more.

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