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Will the General Election Impact UK Infrastructure Plans?

There are currently 244 projects listed within the Government’s Major Projects Portfolio as ‘requiring delivery’ and with a General Election confirmed for 4th July, the construction industry is looking for reassurance that the establishment of a new government will not have a detrimental impact on the country’s infrastructure requirements.

It is well documented that a clear link exists between investment in critical national infrastructure and economic growth. Through investment in infrastructure, the UK realises demonstrable benefits including the creation of jobs and the related training and skills development this demands. 

The undertaking of major infrastructure projects also benefits the vast majority of the UK population as a result of the impact of enhanced transport links as well as improved energy and communication networks. It is therefore essential that these schemes are prioritised as essential to help drive the UK’s growth and prosperity, as well as providing tangible benefits to our citizens’ quality of life.

Today, a group of UK contractors and consultants who directly employ over 100,000 people in the UK and have a collective annual turnover of over £25 billion have come together with their ‘Blueprint for Growth’. 

This document sets out 12 recommendations that they believe will be essential in helping the next UK government boost economic growth and productivity through the accelerated delivery of critical infrastructure projects in the UK.

In summary, their recommendations are:

  1. Depoliticise infrastructure

  2. Appoint a Cabinet Minister responsible for infrastructure

  3. Increase private investment in public infrastructure

  4. Timely, holistic decision-making on key areas

  5. Improve budget setting for infrastructure schemes

  6. Efficient risk allocation

  7. Investment continuity

  8. Simplify the judicial review process 

  9. Mandate consideration of the national interest

  10. Self-certification system to accelerate delivery of infrastructure projects

  11. Transform the Apprenticeship Levy

  12. A flexible immigration system


The group behind this Blueprint for Growth say they are, “committed to collaborating with policymakers, industry stakeholders, and government agencies to help develop these recommendations and realise our shared vision of a thriving infrastructure sector which continues to drive sustainable growth, create jobs, and build a brighter future for the UK.”

Whatever the outcome of the General Election, we support this initiative and the ongoing commitment to investment and support of major national infrastructure projects.

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