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Worker Transport Solutions

One of the many ways we can help our clients with their major construction projects is to facilitate the provision of safe and secure transport options for their workforce to travel to work each day.

At our campus operations in Somerset where we are the official accommodation provider for the Hinkley Point C power plant project, we work closely with our suppliers in arranging the transportation of project workers from their dedicated worker accommodation to the construction site each day. This includes communicating all transport arrangements, keeping the bus stops maintained and supporting our supplier with all their requirements on campus.

There are many benefits associated with the provision of dedicated transport for everyone involved in the project that makes this service invaluable to all.

Workforce Benefits
Working away from home can be stressful, but in providing a transport service from our campuses direct to the project site, contractors can rely on transport that is safe, secure and reliable, giving them one less thing to have to think about.

They can forget about being delayed in rush hour traffic and will never have to concern themselves with regards to finding parking near their workplace. They will never need to rush to try and grab the last parking spot or have to factor in additional time each day to find a safe and legal place to park. With the dedicated shuttle buses, workers enjoy a door-to-door service, removing any stress from the start of their day which has been proven to aid daily productivity.

The safety benefits at the end of the day are obvious as, at the end of a long and potentially tiring shift, our guests simply board one of the many buses on site and enjoy a relaxing ride back to their accommodation. 

Shared shuttle transport has also been shown to improve team spirit and a feeling of camaraderie as people can use the time to socialise and bond with each other, resulting in a real feeling of team spirit.

Project Benefits
For site managers, the guarantee of contractors arriving on site in large numbers all at the same time helps the site run smoothly and keep on schedule. It helps with the management of shift patterns as well as aiding the flow of people arriving and leaving the construction site.

Having a reliable transport service that both contractors and site managers can depend upon helps not only manage time but also budget which is essential for the smooth running of major construction projects.

There is also the added benefit that sites can reduce or remove the need for on site parking which saves time and space which can be critical on busier sites.

Perhaps most significant of all is the fact that putting in place a guaranteed transport service helps ensure punctuality from all team members which has been proven to aid team productivity.

Wider Benefits
We are always keen to help minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible and so in collaboration with a dedicated supplier, we can offer our guests a reliable transport service in the knowledge that we are helping to reduce the environmental impact of many hundreds or even thousands of cars being driven to the site each day.

Thinking of the wider impact on the local community, we’re proud that this helps noticeably minimise traffic congestion in the local area by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. 

For communities where a major new construction project is in the planning stage, knowing that a dedicated shuttle service will be part of the scheme can provide huge reassurance to locals and help positively address any concerns they may have.

As part of our wider service offering, arranging a reliable transportation service for clients is just a small, but highly significant part, of the Hi West offer.

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