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Workplace Wellbeing

Supporting employee wellbeing is an essential element of running a business and nurturing a happy and healthy team. In 2022, the Deloitte UK mental health report stated that poor employee mental health was costing businesses in the UK a record £53-56 billion, with the same report reporting that 33% of employees would like to see more support from their employer. 

The post pandemic workplace has seen a huge increase in hybrid jobs and remote working yet the office environment is still hugely important as a central point for employees to meet clients or meet with one another for work, training or social activities.

With that in mind, it’s hugely important for companies to consider how their workspaces are designed and that they meet the needs of their employees. With less of a focus on the actual building and more importance placed on how that building works holistically. Think of it as people-centric design - space that is created with an understanding of how people live and work and their specific needs in terms of their age, culture, health, gender and ethnicity. Spaces need to be functional but also welcoming whilst meeting the needs of real people in real environments.

Creating workspaces that address the needs of the people using them is a sound business investment. Comfortable, functional work environments have been proven to improve employee morale and motivation which in turn has a positive impact on productivity and staff retention.

Going beyond ergonomically designed furniture, businesses should consider everything from the ambient temperature to the noise levels that employees are subjected to. Where necessary, sound proofing should be used to protect people from disturbance during the day or night.

Lighting is another crucial factor that can make an enormous difference to the productivity and health of your workforce. Natural light provides the most health benefits and should be maximised as much as possible but for work areas where this isn’t practical, lighting that can be controlled by people as needed is the optimum solution.

These are just a few of the areas in which we can help when it comes to planning high functioning work environments. For more information on planning an effective workplace environment, do get in touch with us to find out more.

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